About Us

Asanta Tarım was established in 2011 by an experienced and professional group that has been operating in the fields of import, export, production and manufacturing in the agricultural sector for more than 20 years and achieved various national and international successes.

Asanta Tarım‘s experienced and professional technical staff continue their research and development activities in order to increase the total yield and quality in crop production. At the same time, it develops its production facilities and capabilities in line with the needs in order to meet the increasing domestic and international demands of innovative, environmentally sensitive, organic, organamineral and chemical “Plant Nutrition Products” at high quality standards developed by following the latest technologies and scientific researches.

Asanta Tarım continues its agricultural activities with its expert and experienced staff, always by prioritizing 100% customer satisfaction, product and service quality with a wide range of innovative products that comply with national and international quality standards.

Our Management Policy: The main principles of our management policy are to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level in the products and services we provide, to manage customer feedback effectively, to meet the needs on time by using our resources effectively and efficiently, to continuously improve our quality management system and to keep our service quality at the highest level.

Our aim: is to provide a solution-oriented, reliable, quality and prestigious service with our experienced and professional staff, to share the innovations, developments in the agricultural field, up-to-date technological information and R&D results with our producers and dealers, to ensure that our products with high quality standards, harmless to nature and the environment reach valuable producers.

We would like to express our gratitude and respect to all our stakeholders, both in Turkey and abroad, who have supported us by trusting us and who have contributed to our success.

With our respect…

Selahattin KESKİNER